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541 Khattaab Muslim Variant of Khattab: Orator. Speaker.. M
542 Khattab Muslim Orator. Speaker.. M
543 Khawaja Muslim Variant of Khwaja: Mister. A Spiritual Title.. M
544 Khawar Muslim East/West. Vacant[See Muslim Names in Help file for usage guidelines]. M
545 Khayri Arabic Generous. M
546 Khayyaam Muslim Variant of Khayyam: Tent maker.. M
547 Khayyam Muslim Tent maker.. M
548 Khayyat Arabic Tailor. M
549 Khazin Muslim Treasurer. Cashier.. M

550 Khentimentiu Egyptian Mythical god of tbe dead's destiny. M
551 Khidhr Muslim Guide. Leader.. M
552 Khnemu Egyptian To model. M
553 Khnurn Egyptian Mythical reborn sun. M
554 Khons Egyptian God of the moon. M
555 Khoury Arabic Priest. M
556 Khristine Russian Variant of the Scandinavian Kristina 'Christian'. M
557 Khristopher Scandinavian Form of Christopher. M
558 Khristos Greek Christ. M
559 Khrystiyanr Greek Christian. M
560 Khufu Egyptian Name of a pharaoh. M