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1 Kaamil Muslim Variant of Kamil: Complete. Perfect.. M
2 Kaarl Finnish Strong. M
3 Kabzeel Biblical The congregation of God. M
4 Kadmiel Biblical God of antiquity; God of rising M
5 Kael Gaelic Slender; fair. Form of Caelan. M
6 Kafeel Muslim Variant of Kafil: Responsible. Sponsor.. M
7 Kafil Muslim Responsible. Sponsor.. M
8 Kahleil Arabic Friend. M
9 Kahlil Arabic Friend. M

10 Kal Finnish Strong. M
11 Kalil Arabic Good friend. M
12 Kamaal Muslim Variant of Kamal: Perfection. Completeness.. M
13 Kamal Arabic Perfection. M
14 Kamal Hindi Lotus. M
15 Kamal Muslim Perfection. Completeness.. M
16 Kamil Arabic Perfection. M
17 Kamil Muslim Complete. Perfect.. M
18 Kapil Hindi From Kapila - Vastu. M
19 Karel Dutch Strong. M
20 Karel French Strong and masculine. M