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61 Kegan Gaelic Small and fiery. M
62 Kegan Irish A thinker; fiery. Form of Hugh. M
63 Keilan Gaelic Slender; fair. M
64 Keillan Gaelic Slender; fair. M
65 Keiran Gaelic Dusky; dark-haired. M
66 Keiran Irish Dusky; dark-haired. M
67 Kelan Irish Slender. M
68 Keldan Norse From the spring. M
69 Kelden Gaelic Slender; fair. M

70 Kelemen Hungarian Gentle. M
71 Kellan Gaelic Slender; fair. M
72 Kellen Gaelic Slender; fair. Form of Caelan. M
73 Kellman Hungarian Gentle. M
74 Kelman Latin Merciful. M
75 Kelvan Celtic 'River man.'. M
76 Kelvan English River man. M
77 Kelven Celtic River man. M
78 Kelven English River man. M
79 Kelvin Celtic From the narrow river. M
80 Kelvin English River man. From Old English words 'ship' and 'friend'. Famous Bearer: British physicist Lord Kelvin (1824-1907). M