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1 Kadmonites Biblical Ancients; chiefs M
2 Kadmus Greek From the east. M
3 Kandiss English Modern variant of 'Candace' - ancient hereditary title used by Ethiopian queens. M
4 Kanelinqes ArthurianLegend Father of Tristan. M
5 Karlens French Strong and masculine. M
6 Karlis French Strong and masculine. M
7 Karlitis French Strong and masculine. M
8 Kees Latin Horn. M
9 Kenites Biblical Possession, purchase, lamentation. M

10 Kenizzites Biblical Possession, purchase. M
11 Keros Biblical Crooked, crookedness. M
12 Kevis Irish Handsome child. Variant of Kevin. M
13 Khons Egyptian God of the moon. M
14 Khristos Greek Christ. M
15 Klas Swedish People's victory. M
16 Klaudius Latin Lame. M
17 Klaus Danish Danish form of Nicholas. M
18 Klaus German German form of Nicholas. M
19 Klaus Greek People's victory. M
20 Klemenis Latin Merciful. M