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281 Legget French Delegate. M
282 Lehabim Biblical Flames, inflamed, swords. M
283 Lehi Biblical Jawbone. M
284 Leib Yiddish Lion. M
285 Leicester English From Leicester. M
286 Leicester Latin From the Legion's camp. M
287 Leidolf Norse Wolf descendant. M
288 Leif Norse Descendant. M
289 Leif Scandinavian Son; descendant. According to Norse legend Viking Leif Eriksson landed his longboat on North American shores some 500 years before Columbus arrived in the Caribean. M

290 Leif Swedish Dearly loved. M
291 Leigh Celtic Healer. M
292 Leigh English From the meadow. M
293 Leighton English Herb garden. From the meadow farm. A surname and place name. M
294 Leila Persian Born at night. M
295 Leith Celtic Meadow. M
296 Leith Scottish River. M
297 Lekah Biblical Walking, going. M
298 Leksi Greek Defender of man. M
299 Leland English From the meadow land 'Pasture ground.'. M
300 Lele English Loyal. M