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501 Lionell English Young lion. M
502 Lionell French Young lion. M
503 Liosliath Gaelic From the gray fortress. M
504 Lipot Teutonic Patriotic. M
505 Lipp Greek Lover of horses. M
506 Lippi Greek Lover of horses. M
507 Lippio Greek Lover of horses. M
508 Lir Celtic A mythical king. M
509 Lisabet English Abbreviation of Elizabeth. M

510 Lisandro Spanish Liberator. M
511 Lise NativeAmerican Salmon's head rising above water (Miwok). M
512 Lisimba Egyptian Lion. M
513 Lisle French From the island. M
514 List Anglo-Saxon Cunning. M
515 Litton English From tbe hillside town. M
516 Liuz Latin Light. M
517 Liuz Polish Light. M
518 Livingston English From Lyfing's town. M
519 Livingstone Scottish From Livingston. M
520 Liwanu NativeAmerican Growl of a bear (Miwok). M