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1 Laadah Biblical To assemble together, to testify, passing over. M
2 Lach English Lives near water. M
3 Lachish Biblical 'Who walks, or exists, of himself' M
4 Laish Biblical A lion. M
5 Lamech Biblical Poor, made low. M
6 Langleah English From the long meadow. M
7 Laoidhigh Irish Poetic. M
8 Lapidoth Biblical Enlightened, lamps. M
9 Lapidoth Hebrew Torch. M

10 Lashah Biblical To call, to anoint. M
11 Leamhnach Gaelic Lives near the place abounding in elm trees. M
12 Lebaoth Biblical Lividness. M
13 Lebonah Biblical The moon, whiteness, frankincense. M
14 Leigh Celtic Healer. M
15 Leigh English From the meadow. M
16 Leith Celtic Meadow. M
17 Leith Scottish River. M
18 Lekah Biblical Walking, going. M
19 Libnah Biblical White, whiteness. M
20 Lilybeth English Blend of Lily: (the flower; innocence; purity; beauty) and Elizabeth: (My God is bountiful;God of plenty.). M