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401 Manzir Muslim Warner. Cautioner.. M
402 Manzo Japanese Ten thousand-fold-strong third son. M
403 Manzoor Muslim Variant of Manzur: Acceptable. Admired.. M
404 Manzur Muslim Acceptable. Admired.. M
405 Maoldhomhnaigh Gaelic Devoted to God. M
406 Maolmin Gaelic Polished chief. M
407 Maolmuire Scottish Dark skinned. M
408 Maolruadhan Irish Serves Saint Ruadhan. M
409 Maoltuile Gaelic Quiet. M

410 Maon Biblical House, place of sin. M
411 Maonaigh Irish Wealthy. M
412 Maponus Anglo-Saxon God of youth and music. M
413 Maqbool Muslim Variant of Maqbul: Accepted. Popular.. M
414 Maqbul Muslim Accepted. Popular.. M
415 Maqsood Muslim Variant of Maqsud: Intended. Proposed.. M
416 Maqsud Muslim Intended. Proposed.. M
417 Mar Aramaic Lord. M
418 Mar Norse Son of Naddodd. M
419 Maraatib Muslim Variant of Maratib: Degrees. Dignities.. M
420 Maralah Biblical Sleep, a sacrifice of myrrh, ascension. M