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561 Marsten English Town near the marsh. M
562 Marston English From the farm by the pool 'Town near the marsh.'. M
563 Marsyas Greek A satyr. M
564 Martainn Gaelic Warlike. M
565 Martel German Warrior of Mars. M
566 Martel Latin Warring. M
567 Martell German Warrior of Mars. M
568 Marten Scandinavian Warrior of Mars. M
569 Martext Shakespearean As You Like It' Son of Sir Rowland de Boys. As You Like It' Sir Oliver Martext, a vicar. M

570 Marti Swiss Warrior of Mars. M
571 Martial Latin Warring. M
572 Martin English Warrior of Mars. M
573 Martin Latin Of Mars (the Roman god of war); warlike. Famous Bearer: black civil-rights leader Martin Luther King. M
574 Martin Spanish Warring. M
575 Martinek Czechoslovakian Warring. M
576 Martinez Spanish Warring. M
577 Martinien Latin Warring. M
578 Martino Italian Warrior of Mars. M
579 Martino Latin Warring. M
580 Martino Spanish Warring. M