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741 Maximo Italian The greatest. M
742 Maximos Latin Greatest. M
743 Maximus Latin Greatest. M
744 Maxwell Anglo-Saxon From Maccus's pool. M
745 Maxwell English Capable. M
746 Maxwell Scottish Magnus' spring. Mac's well. Surname and place name. M
747 Mayer English Headman. mayor. Surname. M
748 Mayer German Headman; mayor. Surname. M
749 Mayer Latin Great. M

750 Mayfield English From the warrior's field. M
751 Mayhew French Gift of God. M
752 Mayir Hebrew Enlightens. M
753 Maynard French Powerful. M
754 Maynard German Compound of the Old German words for 'hardy' and 'strength'. Firm. M
755 Maynard Teutonic Brave. M
756 Mayne French Powerful. M
757 Mayne German Powerful. M
758 Maynor French Powerful. M
759 Maynor German Powerful. M
760 Mayo Gaelic Lives near the yew trees. M