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781 Meccus Anglo-Saxon Son of Gus. M
782 Mecherath Biblical Selling, knowledge. M
783 Medad Biblical He that measures; water of love M
784 Medan Biblical Judgment, process. M
785 Medeba Biblical Waters of grief, waters springing up. M
786 Media Biblical Measure, habit, covering. M
787 Medredydd Celtic Mythical son of Medredydd. M
788 Medus Greek Son of Medea by Aegeus. M
789 Medwin English Strong friend. M

790 Medwin Teutonic Powerful friend. M
791 Medwine English Strong friend. M
792 Medwyn English Strong friend. M
793 Medwyn Teutonic Powerful friend. M
794 Medyr Welsh Legendary son of Medyredydd. M
795 Meekaa'eel Muslim Variant of Mikael: The Biblical Michael is the English language equivalent.. M
796 Meer Muslim Mayor. Leader.. M
797 Megedagik NativeAmerican Kills many (Algonquin). M
798 Megiddo Biblical His precious fruit, declaring a message. M
799 Megiddon Biblical His precious fruit, declaring a message. M
800 Mehemet Arabic Praised. M