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841 Meleagant ArthurianLegend Kidnapped Guinevere. M
842 Meleager Greek An Argonaut. M
843 Melecertes Greek Son of Ino. M
844 Melech Biblical King; counselor M
845 Melechan ArthurianLegend Mordred's son. M
846 Meliadus ArthurianLegend Tristan's father. M
847 Meliodas ArthurianLegend Tristan's father. M
848 Melita Biblical Affording honey. M
849 Meliza Greek Bee. Melissa was Mythological princess of Crete who was transformed to a bee after learning how to collect honey. M

850 Melker Swedish King. M
851 Mellicu Biblical His kingdom; his counselor M
852 Melrone Irish Serves Saint Ruadhan. M
853 Melun Shakespearean 'King JOHN' A French lord. M
854 Melville Celtic Leader. M
855 Melville French From Malleville. M
856 Melville Scottish A Scottish surname based on a French place name. M
857 Melvin Celtic Leader. M
858 Melvin English Strong friend. M
859 Melvin Irish Chief. M
860 Melvon English Meaning uncertain but possibly 'friend of Michael.'. M