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1161 Mizpeh Biblical A watch-tower, speculation. M
1162 Mizraim Biblical Tribulations. M
1163 Mizzah Biblical Defluxion from the head. M
1164 Mjolnir Norse Thor's hammer. M
1165 Mlynar Czechoslovakian Miller. M
1166 Mnason Biblical A diligent seeker, an exhorter. M
1167 Moab Biblical Of his father M
1168 Mochni NativeAmerican Talking bird (Hopi). M
1169 Modeste Latin Modest. M

1170 Modesto Latin Modesty; moderate. The Spanish saint Modesto. M
1171 Modestus Latin Modest. M
1172 Modi Norse Son of Thor. M
1173 Modig Anglo-Saxon Brave. M
1174 Modraed English Brave. M
1175 Modred ArthurianLegend Son/nephew of Arthur. M
1176 Moesen Welsh Welsh form of Moses 'from the water'. M
1177 Mogens Danish Powerful. M
1178 Mogens Dutch Power. M
1179 Mogue Irish Name of a saint. M
1180 Mohamad Arabic Variant used for Mohammad - founder of Islamic religion. praiseworthy; glorified. M