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101 MacFie Scottish Son of the dark of peace. M
102 MacGillivray Scottish Son of the servant of judgment. M
103 MacGowan Scottish Son of the smith. M
104 MacGregor Scottish Son of a shepherd. M
105 Machair Scottish Plain. M
106 Machakw NativeAmerican Horny toad (Hopi). M
107 Machaon Greek Son of Aesculapius. M
108 Machar Scottish Plain. M
109 Machau Hebrew Gift from God. M

110 Machbanai Biblical Poverty; the smiting of his son M
111 Machbenah Biblical Poverty; the smiting of his son M
112 Machi Biblical Poor, a smiter. M
113 Machir Biblical Selling, knowing. M
114 Machk NativeAmerican Bear (Algonquin). M
115 Machnadebai Biblical Smiter. M
116 Machpelah Biblical Double. M
117 Machum Hebrew Comfort. M
118 MacInnes Scottish Son of the unique choice. M
119 MacIntosh Scottish Son of the thane. M
120 MacIver Scottish Son of an archer. M