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1461 Murthuile Gaelic Sea tide. M
1462 Musa Arabic Arabic form of Moses. M
1463 Musa Egyptian Of the water. M
1464 Musa Muslim The Biblical Moses is the English language equivalent. A Prophet's name.. M
1465 Musa Kaim Muslim Early Imam (Leader) of Islam.. M
1466 Musaaleh Muslim Variant of Musaleh: Peacemaker. Mediator.. M
1467 Musad Muslim Unfettered camel.. M
1468 Musaleh Muslim Peacemaker. Mediator.. M
1469 Musharraf Muslim Elevated. Honored.. M

1470 Mushi Biblical He that touches; that withdraws or takes away M
1471 Mushtaaq Muslim Variant of Mushtaq: Longing. Desirous.. M
1472 Mushtaq Muslim Longing. Desirous.. M
1473 Musim Egyptian Believer. M
1474 Musleh Muslim Reformer. Advisor.. M
1475 Mustafa Muslim Chosen. One of Prophet Mohammed's names.. M
1476 Mustanen Finnish Black. M
1477 Mustardseed Shakespearean A Midsummer Night's Dream' A fairy. M
1478 Muta Muslim Obeyed.. M
1479 Mutaa Muslim Variant of Muta: Obeyed.. M
1480 Mutaqaddim Muslim Preceding. Advanced.. M