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21 Maska NativeAmerican Strong. M
22 Massa Biblical A burden, prophecy. M
23 Matsimela Egyptian Root. M
24 Matsya Hindi Fish. M
25 Matsya Indian Fish. M
26 Mattana Biblical Gifts, rains. M
27 Mattatha Biblical His gift. M
28 Maula Muslim Master. Lord.. M
29 Maulaa Muslim Variant of Maula: Master. Lord.. M

30 Maza blaska NativeAmerican Flat iron (Dakota). M
31 Meadhra Irish Happy. M
32 Meara Irish Happy. M
33 Medeba Biblical Waters of grief, waters springing up. M
34 Media Biblical Measure, habit, covering. M
35 Mehida Biblical A riddle, sharpness of wit. M
36 Melaina Greek Dark. M
37 Melchi-shua Biblical King of health; magnificent king M
38 Melea Biblical Supplying, supplied. M
39 Melita Biblical Affording honey. M
40 Meliza Greek Bee. Melissa was Mythological princess of Crete who was transformed to a bee after learning how to collect honey. M