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21 Manfred Teutonic Mighty peace. M
22 Manfrid English Hero's peace. M
23 Manfrid Teutonic Mighty peace. M
24 Manfried German Peaceful. M
25 Mansfield English From the field by the small river. M
26 Maqsood Muslim Variant of Maqsud: Intended. Proposed.. M
27 Maqsud Muslim Intended. Proposed.. M
28 Marchland English From the march. M
29 Marid Arabic Rebellious. M

30 Marland English From the march. A Form of Merle. M
31 Marwood English From the lake forest. M
32 Mas'ood Muslim Variant of Mas'ud: Happy. Lucky.. M
33 Mas'ud Muslim Happy. Lucky.. M
34 Masood Muslim Variant of Masoud: Happy. Lucky.. M
35 Masoud Muslim Happy. Lucky.. M
36 Masud Egyptian Lucky. M
37 Matred Biblical Wand of government M
38 Matunaagd NativeAmerican Fights (Algonquin). M
39 Maudood Muslim Variant of Maudud: Attached; Friendly.. M
40 Maudud Muslim Attached; Friendly.. M