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41 Maughold Irish Name of a saint. M
42 Maunfeld English From the field by the small river. M
43 Maxfield English Field belonging to Mack. M
44 Mayfield English From the warrior's field. M
45 Maynard French Powerful. M
46 Maynard German Compound of the Old German words for 'hardy' and 'strength'. Firm. M
47 Maynard Teutonic Brave. M
48 McCloud Scottish Son of the ugly man. M
49 Mead English From the meadow. M

50 Medad Biblical He that measures; water of love M
51 Medredydd Celtic Mythical son of Medredydd. M
52 Mehrdad Persian Gift ftom the sun. M
53 Meinhard German Firm. M
54 Meinrad German Strong advisor. M
55 Meinrad Teutonic Brave. M
56 Meinyard German Firm. M
57 Mered Biblical Rebellious, ruling. M
58 Meredydd Welsh Guardian of the sea. M
59 Merewood English From the lake forest. M
60 Migdalgad Biblical Tower compassed about. M