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1 Mac a'bhiadhtaiche Gaelic Son of Bhiadhtaiche. M
2 Mac Ghille Bhuidhe Gaelic Son of the one who serves the blond one. M
3 Macaire Greek Blessed. M
4 MacAlpine Scottish Son of Alpine. M
5 MacAuliffe Irish Son of Olaf. M
6 MacBride Irish Son of Bridget 'Bride'. M
7 Mace English A mace was a medieval weapon used by knights. M
8 MacFarlane Scottish Son of Farlan. M
9 MacFie Scottish Son of the dark of peace. M

10 MacKenzie Scottish Fair; favored one. 'Son of the fair man' or 'Son of Kenzie'. M
11 MacLaine Scottish Son of the servant of John. M
12 MacQuarrie Scottish Son of the proud. M
13 MacRae Scottish Son of grace. M
14 Madntyre Scottish Son of the carpenter. M
15 Maelwine English Strong friend. M
16 Maerewine English Famous friend. M
17 Maethelwine English Council friend. M
18 Maetthere English Powerful army. M
19 Magdalene Biblical A person from Magdala. M
20 Magee Irish Surname. M