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61 Melville Celtic Leader. M
62 Melville French From Malleville. M
63 Melville Scottish A Scottish surname based on a French place name. M
64 Mene Biblical Who reckons or is counted. M
65 Merewode English From the lake forest. M
66 Merle French Blackbird. M
67 Meronothite Biblical My singing, rejoicing, bearing rule. M
68 Mette Greek Pearl. M
69 Michele French French form of Michael. M

70 Michele Hebrew Gift from God. M
71 Michele Italian Italian form of Michael 'God like'. M
72 Mike English Abbreviation of Michael and Micah 'Who is like God?'. M
73 Mike Hebrew Diminutive of Michael: Who is like God? Gift from God. In the Bible, St. Michael was the conqueror of Satan and patron saint of soldiers. M
74 Mikelle Latin Feminine of Michael 'gift from God.'. M
75 Milbyrne English From the mill stream. M
76 Mishe Russian Russian form of Michael 'God like'. M
77 Mistie English Misty. M
78 Mithnite Biblical Loin, gift, hope. M
79 Mitylene Biblical Purity, cleansing, press. M
80 Modeste Latin Modest. M