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81 Meshach Biblical That draws with force. M
82 Meshech Biblical Who is drawn by force. M
83 Meshelemiah Biblical Peace; or perfection; of the Lord M
84 Meshillamith Biblical Peaceable, perfect, giving again. M
85 Messiah Biblical Anointed M
86 Metheg-ammah Biblical Bridle of bondage. M
87 Methusaleh Biblical He has sent his death M
88 Micah Biblical Poor, humble M
89 Micah Hebrew Variant of Michael: Who is like God? Gift from God. M

90 Micaiah Biblical Who is like to God? M
91 Michaiah Biblical Poor, humble M
92 Michmach Biblical He that strikes M
93 Michmethah Biblical The gift or death of a striker. M
94 Miftaah Muslim Variant of Miftah: Key. Opener.. M
95 Miftah Muslim Key. Opener.. M
96 Mikloth Biblical Little wants, little voices, looking downward. M
97 Minkabh Egyptian Justice. M
98 Minneiah Biblical Possession of the Lord. M
99 Minninnewah NativeAmerican Whirlwind (Cheyenne). M
100 Minnith Biblical Reckoned, prepared. M