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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

121 Morogh Scottish Man of the sea. M
122 Moserah Biblical Erudition, discipline. M
123 Moseroth Biblical Erudition, discipline. M
124 Mosheh Hebrew Saved from the water. M
125 Moth Shakespearean Love's Labours Lost' Page to Armado. A Midsummer Night's Dream' A fairy. M
126 Mozah Biblical Unleavened. M
127 Msrah Egyptian Sixth born. M
128 Muaath Muslim Variant of Muath: Protected.. M
129 Muath Muslim Protected.. M

130 Mugheeth Muslim Variant of Mughith: Helper. Succorer.. M
131 Mughith Muslim Helper. Succorer.. M
132 Muhaddith Muslim Transmitter. Interpreter of Hadith.. M
133 Muircheartaigh Irish Expert seaman. M
134 Muireach Gaelic Moorish. M
135 Muireadhach Irish Lord of the sea. M
136 Murchadh Gaelic Protector of the sea. M
137 Murchadh Irish Fighter of the sea. M
138 Murdoch Celtic Seaman. M
139 Murdoch Gaelic Mariner. M
140 Murdoch Scottish Protector of the sea. M