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21 Maki Finnish Hill. M
22 Malachi Biblical 'My messenger, my angel' M
23 Malachi Hebrew Messenger of God. The title of the last book in the Old Testament. M
24 Mallothi Biblical Fullness, circumcision. M
25 Mani Norse Father of Ketil. M
26 Marci Latin Hammer. M
27 Marji English Variant of the French Margerie. M
28 Marti Swiss Warrior of Mars. M
29 Maskini Egyptian Poor. M

30 Matai Hebrew Gift from God. M
31 Matri Biblical Rain, prison. M
32 Mattenai Biblical Gifts, rains. M
33 Mbizi Egyptian Water. M
34 Mebunnai Biblical Son; building; understanding M
35 Melchi Biblical My king; my counsel M
36 Merari Biblical Bitter, to provoke. M
37 Michri Biblical Selling. M
38 Miki Japanese Tree. M
39 Mikolai Polish Polish form of Nicholas 'victory of the people'. M
40 Milalai Biblical Circumcision, my talk. M