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41 Marshall French Horse servant; marshal; steward. M
42 Martel German Warrior of Mars. M
43 Martel Latin Warring. M
44 Martell German Warrior of Mars. M
45 Martial Latin Warring. M
46 Marybell English Derived from Mary 'Bitter.' Mary was the biblical mother of Christ. Names like Dolores and Mercedes have been created to express aspects of Mary's life and worship. M
47 Mashal Biblical A parable, governing. M
48 Matthal Biblical Gift; he that gives M
49 Maxwell Anglo-Saxon From Maccus's pool. M

50 Maxwell English Capable. M
51 Maxwell Scottish Magnus' spring. Mac's well. Surname and place name. M
52 Meekaa'eel Muslim Variant of Mikael: The Biblical Michael is the English language equivalent.. M
53 Mehujael Biblical Who proclaims God M
54 Mel English Meaning uncertain but possibly 'friend of Michael.'. M
55 Meribbaal Biblical He that resists Baal; rebellion M
56 Merrell Teutonic Famous. M
57 Merril English Shining sea. M
58 Merrill English Shining sea. M
59 Merrill Teutonic Famous. M
60 Meshezaheel Biblical God taking away; the salvation of God M