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61 Malvin Celtic Leader. M
62 Malvin English Council friend. M
63 Malvin Gaelic Polished chief. M
64 Malvin Irish Chief. M
65 Malvyn Celtic Leader. M
66 Malvyn English Council friend. M
67 Malyn English Little warrior. M
68 Mammon Biblical Riches M
69 Mamnoon Muslim Variant of Mamnun: Trustworthy.. M

70 Mamnun Muslim Trustworthy.. M
71 Manaen Biblical A comforter; a leader M
72 Manawydan Welsh Legendary son of LIyr. M
73 Mann Anglo-Saxon Vassal. M
74 Mann English Hero. M
75 Mannaan Muslim Variant of Mannan: Benefactor. Bountiful.. M
76 Mannan Muslim Benefactor. Bountiful.. M
77 Manton Anglo-Saxon From Mann's castle. M
78 Manton English From the hero's town or farm. M
79 Maolmin Gaelic Polished chief. M
80 Maolruadhan Irish Serves Saint Ruadhan. M