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141 Maximilian Latin Greatest. M
142 Maximillian English The greatest. M
143 Maximillian German The greatest. M
144 Maximillian Latin Greatest. M
145 Mazin Muslim Proper name.. M
146 Medan Biblical Judgment, process. M
147 Medwin English Strong friend. M
148 Medwin Teutonic Powerful friend. M
149 Medwyn English Strong friend. M

150 Medwyn Teutonic Powerful friend. M
151 Megiddon Biblical His precious fruit, declaring a message. M
152 Mehuman Biblical Making an uproar, a multitude. M
153 Meirion Welsh Name derived from the old county of Merionethshire. M
154 Mejarkon Biblical The waters of Jordan. M
155 Melborn English From the mill stream. M
156 Melburn English From the mill stream. M
157 Meldon English From the hillside mill. M
158 Melechan ArthurianLegend Mordred's son. M
159 Melun Shakespearean 'King JOHN' A French lord. M
160 Melvin Celtic Leader. M