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41 Mauricio Portuguese Dark-skinned; A Moor. M
42 Mauricio Spanish Moorish. M
43 Maurio Italian Dark-skinned; A Moor. M
44 Maurizio Italian Italian form of Maurice 'dark skinned'. M
45 Mauro Italian Dark-skinned; A Moor. M
46 Mauro Spanish Moorish. M
47 Maximiliano Italian The greatest. M
48 Maximino Italian The greatest. M
49 Maximo Italian The greatest. M

50 Mayo Gaelic Lives near the yew trees. M
51 Megiddo Biblical His precious fruit, declaring a message. M
52 Meino German Firm. M
53 Mercutio Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Romeo And Juliet' Kinsman to Prince Escalus and friend to Romeo. M
54 Meturato NativeAmerican Black kettle (Cheyenne). M
55 Michelangelo Italian Who is like God an angel. M
56 Michio Japanese Man with strength of three thousand. M
57 Mikio Japanese Three trees together. M
58 Mikko Hebrew Gift from God. M
59 Miko Slavic Form of Michael 'Who is like God?'. M
60 Millo Biblical Fullness. M