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61 Mercer English Merchant. M
62 Mercer French Merchant. M
63 Mercer Latin Merchant. M
64 Mercher Welsh Welsh form of Mercury, messenger of the gods. M
65 Meyer Hebrew Shining. Surname. M
66 Mibhar Biblical Chosen, youth. M
67 Mibzar Biblical Defending, forbidding, taking away. M
68 Miller English One who grinds grain. Surname. M
69 Miller Latin Miller. M

70 Miolnir Norse Thor's hammer. M
71 Mir Muslim Variant of Meer: Mayor. Leader.. M
72 Mispar Biblical Numbering, showing, increase of tribute. M
73 Mizar Biblical Little. M
74 Mjolnir Norse Thor's hammer. M
75 Mlynar Czechoslovakian Miller. M
76 Molner Czechoslovakian Miller. M
77 Moor French Dark skinned. M
78 Morcar Welsh Dwells near the sea. M
79 Mordwywr Welsh Sailor. M
80 Mortimer French Dead sea (a stagnant lake). M