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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

121 Mogens Dutch Power. M
122 Moises Spanish Spanish form of Moses 'from the water'. M
123 Momus Greek God of ridicule. M
124 Montes Italian Mountain. Abbreviation of Montague and Montgomery. M
125 Montes Spanish Mountain. Abbreviation of Montague and Montgomery. M
126 Moonis Muslim Variant of Munis: Companion. Consoler.. M
127 Mopsus Greek A seer. M
128 Morpheus Greek Bringer of dreams. M
129 Morris English Son of More. M

130 Morris Latin Variant of Maurice: Moorish; dark-skinned; swarthy. M
131 Moses Biblical 'Taken out, drawn forth' M
132 Moses Egyptian Son. In the bible, Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt in search of the promised land. In a different biblical story, when Moses came down from the mount, he brought with him the Ten Commandments given to him by God for mankind to follow. M
133 Moses Hebrew Saved from the water. M
134 Moss Egyptian Variant of Moses: Son. M
135 Moss English Medieval form of Moses 'saved from the water.'. M
136 Mozes Hungarian Hungarian form of Moses 'from the water'. M
137 Mros Czechoslovakian Walrus. M
138 Mudads Egyptian Provider. M
139 Mukhlis Muslim Sincere. Frank.. M
140 Munis Muslim Companion. Consoler.. M