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201 Nazareth Biblical Separated, crowned, sanctified. M
202 Nazarite Biblical One chosen or set apart. M
203 Nazeeh Muslim Variant of Nazih: Pure. Chaste.. M
204 Nazeer Muslim Variant of Nazir: Similar. Comparable.. M
205 Nazih Muslim Pure. Chaste.. M
206 Nazim Muslim Arranger. Organizer.. M
207 Nazir Muslim Similar. Comparable.. M
208 Nazr Muslim Vow. Solemn pledge.. M
209 Neacal Gaelic People's victory. M

210 Neah Biblical Moved, moving. M
211 Neakail Scottish Victorious people. M
212 Neal Celtic Champion. M
213 Neal English Champion. Form of Neil. M
214 Neal Irish Variant of Neill: Champion. M
215 Neale Celtic Champion. M
216 Neall Gaelic Champion. M
217 Nealon Celtic Champion. M
218 Neapolis Biblical The new city. M
219 Neariah Biblical Child of the Lord. M
220 Neason Irish Name of a saint. M