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301 Neptune Latin God of water. M
302 Ner Biblical A lamp, new-tilled land. M
303 Nereus Biblical A lamp, new-tilled land. M
304 Nereus Greek Father of the Nereids. M
305 Nereus Latin A god of the sea. M
306 Nergal Biblical The great man; the hero M
307 Nergal-sharezer Biblical Treasurer of Nergal M
308 Neri Biblical My light. M
309 Neriah Biblical Light, lamp of the Lord. M

310 Nerian Anglo-Saxon Protects. M
311 Neron Spanish Strong. M
312 Nerth Welsh Legendary son of Cadam. M
313 Nerthach Welsh Legendary son of Gwawrddur. M
314 Nerve Dutch Strong. M
315 Ness Scottish From the headland. M
316 Nessan Irish Name of a saint. M
317 Nesto Spanish Serious. M
318 Nestor Greek Wisdom. M
319 Nestor Shakespearean 'The History of Troilus and Cressida' A Greek Commander. M
320 Nestor Spanish Wise. M