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101 Naphish Biblical The soul; he that rests; refreshes himself; or respires M
102 Naphtali Biblical That struggles or fights. M
103 Napier English In charge of royal linens. M
104 Napolean Greek Of the new city. M
105 Napoleon French Man from Naples. M
106 Napoleon Greek Of the new city. M
107 Napoleon Italian Lion of Naples. Famous Bearer: Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821). M
108 Naqeeb Muslim Variant of Naqib: Chief. Lawyer.. M
109 Naqib Muslim Chief. Lawyer.. M

110 Naqqaad Muslim Variant of Naqqad: Critic. Reviewer.. M
111 Naqqaash Muslim Variant of Naqqash: Painter. Artist.. M
112 Naqqad Muslim Critic. Reviewer.. M
113 Naqqash Muslim Painter. Artist.. M
114 Naqqee Muslim Variant of Naqqi: Pure. Clean.. M
115 Naqqi Muslim Pure. Clean.. M
116 Nara Indian Man. M
117 Naraka Hindi Hell. M
118 Narayan Hindi Moving water. M
119 Narcisse Greek Daffodil. M
120 Narcissus Biblical Astonishment, stupidity' M