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21 Nawfal Muslim Generous. Old Arabic name for the sea.. M
22 Neacal Gaelic People's victory. M
23 Neakail Scottish Victorious people. M
24 Neal Celtic Champion. M
25 Neal English Champion. Form of Neil. M
26 Neal Irish Variant of Neill: Champion. M
27 Neall Gaelic Champion. M
28 Neiel Biblical Commotion, or moving, of God. M
29 Neil Celtic Champion. M

30 Neil Gaelic Champion. M
31 Neil Irish Variant of Neill: Champion. M
32 Neil Scandinavian Champion. M
33 Neill Celtic Champion. M
34 Neill Irish Champion Form of Neil. M
35 Neill Scottish Champion Form of Neil. M
36 Nell Celtic Champion. M
37 Nemuel Biblical The sleeping of God M
38 Nergal Biblical The great man; the hero M
39 Nethaneel Biblical The gift of God M
40 Nethanel Hebrew Gift from God. M