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1 Na'eem Muslim Variant of Na'im: Happiness. Benefits.. M
2 Na'im Muslim Happiness. Benefits.. M
3 Naadim Muslim Variant of Nadim: Repentant. Regretful.. M
4 Naam Biblical Fair, pleasant. M
5 Naathim Muslim Variant of Nathim: Arranger. Adjuster.. M
6 Naazim Muslim Variant of Nazim: Arranger. Organizer.. M
7 Nadeem Muslim Variant of Nadim: Companion. Confidant. Friend. Repentant. Regretful.. M
8 Nadim Arabic Friend. M
9 Nadim Muslim Companion. Confidant. Friend. Repentant. Regretful.. M

10 Naeem Egyptian Benevoent. M
11 Naeem Muslim Variant of Naim: Comfort. Ease. Tranquil.. M
12 Naham Biblical Comforter; leader M
13 Nahum Biblical Comforter, penitent. M
14 Nahum Hebrew Comforting. Compassionate. M
15 Naim Muslim Comfort. Ease. Tranquil.. M
16 Najm Muslim Celestial body. Star.. M
17 Naseem Muslim Variant of Nasim: Fresh Air. Breeze.. M
18 Nasim Arabic Fresh. M
19 Nasim Muslim Fresh Air. Breeze.. M
20 Nasim Persian Breeze. M