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21 Nassiruddeen Muslim Variant of Nassiruddin: Protector of the Faith.. M
22 Nassiruddin Muslim Protector of the Faith.. M
23 Nathan Biblical 'Given, giving, rewarded' M
24 Nathan Hebrew Gift from God. M
25 Nathraichean Scottish Snake. M
26 Naughton Scottish Pure. M
27 Nealon Celtic Champion. M
28 Neason Irish Name of a saint. M
29 Nebushasi_hahban Biblical Speech, prophecy, springing, flowing. M

30 Nebuzar-adan Biblical Fruits or prophecies of judgment. M
31 Nechtan Scottish Pure. M
32 Nechten Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
33 Nefen German Nephew. M
34 Nefin German Nephew. M
35 Nehushtan Biblical A trifling thing of brass. M
36 Neifion Welsh Welsh form of Neptune 'god of the seas'. M
37 Neilan Irish Champion Form of Neil. M
38 Neilan Scottish Champion Form of Neil. M
39 Neilson Scandinavian Victorious; conquerer of the people. Variant of Nicholas. M
40 Nelson Celtic Son of Neil. M