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21 Ormond Teutonic Mariner. M
22 Ormund English Spear defender. M
23 Orwald English Spear strength. M
24 Osgood Norse A divine Goth. M
25 Osgood Teutonic Divine creator. M
26 Osmond English Divine protector. M
27 Osmond Scandinavian Godly protection. M
28 Osmond Teutonic God's protection. M
29 Osmund English Variant of Osmond: Divine protector. M

30 Osmund Scandinavian Godly protection. M
31 Osmund Teutonic God's protection. M
32 Osraed English Divine counselor. M
33 Osred English Divine counselor. M
34 Osrid English Divine counselor. M
35 Osryd English Divine counselor. M
36 Osvald Teutonic Divine power. M
37 Oswald Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
38 Oswald English Divine power. M
39 Oswald German Power of God. M
40 Oswald Shakespearean 'Tragedy of King Lear' Steward to Goneril. M