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1 O'keefe Irish Surname. M
2 Octave French Born eighth. M
3 Octe Anglo-Saxon A son of Hengist. M
4 Odale English Of the valley. M
5 Odayle English Of the valley. M
6 Oddie German Variant of Odo: Wealth. M
7 Ode Teutonic Rich. M
8 Odwolfe English Wealthy wolf. M
9 Ogelsvie English Fearsome. M

10 Ogilvie Scottish From the high peak. M
11 Ohanzee NativeAmerican Shadow (Sioux). M
12 Ohcumgache NativeAmerican Little wolf (Cheyenne). M
13 Oidhche Scottish Night. M
14 Olave Norse Variant of Olaf: Relic; ancestral heritage. M
15 Ole Danish Family. M
16 Ole Norse Relic. M
17 Ollie French Diminutive of Oliver: Olive tree. M
18 Ollie German Diminutive of Oliver: Elf army. Can also be a variant of Olaf: Relic, ancestral heritage. M
19 Ollie Latin Diminutive of Oliver: Olive (symbol of peace); peaceful. M
20 ONille French From the gold town. M