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61 Orson French Bear cub. Famous Bearer: American actor/director Orson Welles. M
62 Orson Latin Little bear. Actor and director Orson Welles. M
63 Orton English From the shore farm. M
64 Orton Teutonic Rich. M
65 Ortun English From the shore farm. M
66 Orvin Anglo-Saxon Brave friend. M
67 Orvin English Spear friend. M
68 Orvyn Anglo-Saxon Brave friend. M
69 Orvyn English Spear friend. M

70 Osborn English Divine warrior. M
71 Osborn Norse Divine bear. M
72 Osborn Teutonic Divine bear. M
73 Osburn English Divine warrior. M
74 Osman English Godly protection. M
75 Osman Scandinavian Godly protection. M
76 Osmin English Godly protection. M
77 Osmin Scandinavian Godly protection. M
78 Ossian Irish Fawn. M
79 Ostein Norse Happy. M
80 Osten Norse Happy. M