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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Pachu'a NativeAmerican Feathered water snake (Hopi). M
2 Paella English Mantle. M
3 Pahana NativeAmerican Lost white brother (Hopi). M
4 Palestina Biblical Which is covered, watered, or brings and causes ruin. M
5 Palika Latin Small. M
6 Pamphylia Biblical A nation made up of every tribe. M
7 Panchika Indian Husband of Abhirati. M
8 Paola Latin Small. M
9 Parmashta Biblical A yearling bull. M

10 Parshandatha Biblical Given by prayer. M
11 Pasha Muslim Pasha. A Title.. M
12 Pashenka Russian Little. M
13 Patara Biblical Trodden under foot. M
14 Pavaka Indian Purifies. M
15 Pavla Russian Little. M
16 Pavlusha Russian Little. M
17 Pavlushka Russian Little. M
18 Pavlushshenka Russian Little. M
19 Pavlya Russian Little. M
20 Peada Anglo-Saxon Name of a prince. M