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21 Pekka Finnish Stone. M
22 Pekka Greek Rock. M
23 Penda Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
24 Perez-Uzza Biblical Division of Uzza, or of strength. M
25 Perga Biblical Very earthy. M
26 Perida Biblical Separation, division. M
27 Persia Biblical That cuts or divides, a nail, a gryphon, a horseman. M
28 Peruda Biblical Separation, division. M
29 Petenka Russian Stone. M

30 Peterka Czechoslovakian Stone. M
31 Petya Russian Stone. M
32 Philadelphia Biblical Love of a brother M
33 Phoenicia Biblical Red, purple. M
34 Pisidia Biblical Pitch, pitchy. M
35 Pista Hungarian Victorious. M
36 Pitamaha Indian Grandfather. M
37 Poratha Biblical Fruitful. M
38 Poshita Indian Dearly loved. M
39 Praza Czechoslovakian From Prague. M
40 Prisca Biblical Ancient. M