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1 Page Anglo-Saxon Page. M
2 Page French Attendant. M
3 Page Shakespearean 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' A Gentleman of Windsor. Also William Page, his son. M
4 Paige Anglo-Saxon Page. M
5 Paige French Attendant. M
6 Paine English Pagan. M
7 Paine Latin Rustic. M
8 Palmere English Pilgrim. M
9 Parke English Of the forest. M

10 Parle English Little rock. M
11 Pascoe French Variant of Pascal: Of Easter. M
12 Pasquale French Born on Easter. M
13 Pasquale Italian Passover. M
14 Patrice Latin Regal. M
15 Payne English Pagan. M
16 Payne Latin Rustic. M
17 Pearce Anglo-Saxon Rock. M
18 Pearce English Form of Piers from Peter. M
19 Pearce Irish Form of Piers from Peter. M
20 Peirce English Rock. M