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21 Pellinore ArthurianLegend Name of a king. M
22 Pelonite Biblical Falling, secret. M
23 Pembroke Shakespearean 'King Henry the Sixth, Part III' and 'King John' Earl of Pembroke. M
24 Pembroke Welsh Lives in the headland. M
25 Pepe Spanish Spanish form of Joseph 'He shall add'. M
26 Perce English Diminutive of Percival: Pierces the valley. One of the knights of the Round Table who searched for the Holy Grail (in Arthurian Legend). M
27 Percyvelle ArthurianLegend Hero of several Arthurian stories. M
28 Peregrine English The peregrine falcon is the bird most favored in the ancient sport of falconry. M
29 Perye English From the pear tree. M

30 Pete English A rock. Form of Peter. M
31 Pete Greek Diminutive of Peter: Stone; rock. M
32 Peterke Greek Rock. M
33 Peterke Hungarian Hungarian form of Peter 'rock'. M
34 Phenice Biblical Red, purple. M
35 Philippe French Loves horses. M
36 Philippe Greek Lover of horses. M
37 Phillipe French Loves horses. M
38 Philostrate Shakespearean A Midsummer Night's Dream' Master of the Revels to Theseus. M
39 Pierce Anglo-Saxon Rock. M
40 Pierce English Rock. M