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21 Parmenas Biblical That abides, or is permanent. M
22 Parnassus Latin From Pamassus. M
23 Parolles Shakespearean All's Well That Ends Well.' A follower of Bertram, Count of Rousillon. M
24 Parthenios Greek Virgin. M
25 Pathros Biblical Mouthful of dough, persuasion of ruin. M
26 Patmos Biblical Mortal. M
27 Patrobas Biblical Paternal; that pursues the steps of his father M
28 Patroclus Greek Achilles' best friend. M
29 Patroclus Latin A friend of Achilles. M

30 Patroclus Shakespearean 'The History of Troilus and Cressida' A Greek commander. M
31 Pauls Latin Small. M
32 Paulus Biblical Small; little M
33 Paulus Latin Small. M
34 Pavlis Latin Small. M
35 Pavlus Latin Small. M
36 Pegasus Greek Winged horse. M
37 Peisistratus Greek Son of Nestor. M
38 Pelethites Biblical Judges; destroyers M
39 Peleus Greek Father of Achilles. M
40 Pelias Greek Son of Poseidon. M