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81 Phoebus Latin Shining. M
82 Phorcys Greek A sea god. M
83 Phrixus Greek Son of Nephele. M
84 Phygellus Biblical Fugitive. M
85 Phylacteries Biblical Things to be especially observed. M
86 Piaras Gaelic Rock. M
87 Piaras Greek Rock. M
88 Piarres Greek Rock. M
89 Picus Latin Father of Faunus. M

90 Piers Anglo-Saxon Rock. M
91 Piers English Son of Pierce. M
92 Piers French French variant of Peter: stone; a rock. Famous Bearer: science-fiction author Piers Anthony. M
93 Piers Greek Variant of Peter: Stone; rock. M
94 Pindarus Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' A servant to Cassius. M
95 Pinochos Hebrew Dark skinned. M
96 Pious Latin Pious. M
97 Pirithous Greek Friend of Theseus. M
98 Pittheus Greek King of Trozen. M
99 Pityocamptes Greek Pine bender. M
100 Pius Latin Pious. M