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101 Plexippus Greek An Argonaut. M
102 Plutus Greek Wealth. M
103 Plutus Latin Wealthy. M
104 Plys Welsh Son of Rhys. M
105 Poins Shakespearean 'King Henry IV, Part 1 and 2' Edward Poins, an irregular humorist. M
106 Polixenes Shakespearean 'The Winter's Tale' King of Bohemia M
107 Polonius Shakespearean 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' Lord Chamberlain. M
108 Polydamas Greek A Trojan warrior. M
109 Polydamas Latin A Trojan soldier. M

110 Polydeuces Greek Pollux. M
111 Polydorus Greek Son of Priam. M
112 Polydorus Latin Son of Riam. M
113 Polyeidus Greek A seer. M
114 Polyeidus Latin A prophet. M
115 Polynices Greek Uncle of Oedipus. M
116 Polyphemus Greek Son of Poseidon. M
117 Pompeius Shakespearean Antony and Cleopatra'. Sextus Pompeius, Roman triumvir. M
118 Pontius Biblical 'Marine, belonging to the sea' M
119 Pontus Biblical The sea. M
120 Pontus Greek Sea. M