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61 Reginald German Powerful ruler. M
62 Reginald Teutonic Strong judgment. M
63 Reginhard German Mighty and brave. M
64 Reid English Red haired. M
65 Reid Scottish Redheaded. Surname. M
66 Reinhard German Mighty and brave or strong judgment. M
67 Reinhold Teutonic Wise protector. M
68 Renard French Strong counselor. M
69 Renard German Strong counselor. M

70 Renaud Teutonic Wise power. M
71 Renfield English From the raven's field. M
72 Renfred English Peaceful raven. M
73 Renfred Teutonic Peacemaker. M
74 Renfrid English Peaceful raven. M
75 Renfrid Teutonic Peacemaker. M
76 Renweard Anglo-Saxon Guardian of the house. M
77 Reod English Ruddy colored. M
78 Rexford English Variant of Rex 'chieftain; ruler.' Surname. M
79 Rexford Latin Variant of Rex 'chieftain; ruler.' Surname. M
80 Rexlord English From the king's ford. M