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101 Richard Teutonic Powerful ruler. M
102 Richmond German Strong protector. M
103 Richmond Shakespearean 'King Henry IV, 1 and 2' King Henry the Fourth. Also Henry (Hal), son to the king and Prince of Wales, who becomes king in part 2, and king in Henry V. 'King Henry the Sixth, Part III' King Henry the Sixth. Also Henry, Earl of Richmond, a youth. M
104 Richmond Teutonic Wise protector. M
105 Rickard English Variant of Richard 'powerful; strong ruler.'. M
106 Rickard German Powerful ruler. M
107 Rickward English Strong guardian. M
108 Ricweard English Strong guardian. M
109 Rikard German Powerful ruler. M

110 Rikard Hungarian Hungarian form of Richard 'strong ruler'. M
111 Rikard Swedish Swedish form of Richard 'strong ruler'. M
112 Rikkard English Strong ruler. M
113 Rikkard Finnish Finnish form of Richard. M
114 Rikward English Strong guardian. M
115 Riobard Irish Royal bard. M
116 Riocard German Powerful ruler. M
117 Risteard Gaelic Gaelic form of Richard. M
118 Risteard German Powerful ruler. M
119 Riyad Arabic Garden. M
120 Roald German Famous leader. M