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141 Rowan Gaelic Red. Rowan tree (a type of ash tree). Famous Bearer: actor Rowan Atkinson. M
142 Rowan Irish Red haired Surname. M
143 Rowen Irish Red haired. M
144 Roweson Anglo-Saxon Rowe's son. M
145 Rowin Irish Red haired. M
146 Rowson Anglo-Saxon Rowe's son. M
147 Rowyn Irish Red haired. M
148 Royan Gaelic Red-haired; red. M
149 Royan Irish Red-haired; red. M

150 Royden English From the royal hill. M
151 Royden French From the king's hill. M
152 Royston English Surname and place name. M
153 Ruadhagan Irish Red haired. M
154 Ruadhan Irish Name of a saint. Red haired. M
155 Ruadson Anglo-Saxon Rowe's son. M
156 Ruben Hebrew Behold a son. M
157 Ruben Scandinavian See - a son. M
158 Ruben Spanish See, a son!. M
159 Rueban Hebrew Behold a son. M
160 Rufin Latin Red haired. M