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1 Rafaello Italian God has healed. M
2 Raimondo Italian Italian form of Raymond 'mighty protector'. M
3 Raimondo Teutonic Wise protector. M
4 Raimundo French Guards wisely. M
5 Raimundo German Guards wisely. M
6 Raimundo Spanish Wise defender. M
7 Raimundo Teutonic Wise protector. M
8 Ramiro Spanish Judicious. M
9 Ranaldo Teutonic Wise power. M

10 Ranulfo Teutonic Wolf's shield. From the emblem painted on a war shield. M
11 Raulo Spanish Wise. M
12 Raymundo French Guards wisely. M
13 Raymundo German Guards wisely. M
14 Reizo Japanese Cool; calm; well-groomed. M
15 Remo English Abbreviation of Remington. M
16 Renaldo Spanish Counselor-ruler. M
17 Renato Latin Reborn. M
18 Renato Spanish To rise again. M
19 Renjiro Japanese Clean; upright; honest. M
20 Reno Spanish Abbreviation of names like Moreno. A city in Nevada. M