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21 Renzo Italian Laurel. Abbreviation of Lorenzo. M
22 Renzo Japanese Third link or third son. M
23 Renzo Latin Laurel. M
24 Reymundo French Guards wisely. M
25 Reymundo German Guards wisely. M
26 Reynaldo Shakespearean 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' A servant to Polonius. M
27 Reynaldo Spanish Counselor-ruler. M
28 Reynardo Spanish Strong counselor. M
29 Rezso Teutonic Famous wolf. M

30 Ricardo German Powerful ruler. M
31 Ricardo Italian Firm ruler. M
32 Ricardo Portuguese Powerful; strong ruler. M
33 Ricardo Spanish Strong ruler. M
34 Riccardo German Powerful ruler. M
35 Riccardo Italian Powerful; strong ruler. M
36 Ricciardo Italian Firm ruler. M
37 Ricco Italian Powerful; strong ruler. Variant of Richard. M
38 Richardo French Powerful; strong ruler. M
39 Rico German Glory. M
40 Rico Spanish Strong ruler. M